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The ZebraFilter®-process for biological water purification


ZebraFilter® is a process for biological degermination of water using zebra mussels. The ZebraFilter removes bacteria and suspended matter from polluted water, achieving bathing water quality - without energy demand for the filtration process, without using chemicals.

In a project funded by the German ministry of research and development (BMBF No. 02-WA9619/0) conducted at Technical University of Dresden (chair of applied microbiology, Ms. Prof. Röske) it was shown that the zebra mussel Dreissena sp . is capable to remove suspended matter and faecal bacteria from the effluent of wastewater treatment plants. The enormous filtration capacity of those animals was developed further and is used technically to provide an economic and ecological process to improve water quality.

The field of application is to be chosen carefully for this "animal sewage treatment system", as is the case for constructed wetlands. The best range of application could be defined. Furthermore the effluent of the ZebraFilter must not be led into waters, in which Dreissena did not exist before, in order to prevent further spreading of this Neozoon.

A patent for the procedure and the device was granted, the name ZebraFilter® is a registered trademark.