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domestic wastewater treatment plants
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domestic wastewater treatment plants
Several hundred types of wastewater treatment systems are on the market, some of them are black sheeps, but there are also brilliant systems… According to demands in your special case, one of the following types might be advisable. However, don't hesitate to ask us for advice on other systems as well.

Constructed wetlands are close to nature and ecological. Professional construction provided, they provide excellent water quality in the effluent. Unique amongst constructed wetlands is the so called MUTEC system including a patented method to turn sewage into hygienically unobjectionable compost. This system is available for 4 to 2000 persons.

A similarly excellent performance is achieved by compact membrane filtration systems for domestic wastewater, for example the so called BUSSE MF device. This container may either be placed in your cellar without effort or it may be integrated into an existing wastewater sump: